Now it’s the time of the full susser shortlist. And with nationwide access to REI stores and bike shops, it also comes with an extra degree of security in case of any issues.See the Co-op Cycles DRT 2.2. Weight is an unfortunate area of sacrifice at the under $2,000 price point. That much is apparent with the Giant Stance 2, a dual-suspension bike from one of the biggest brands in cycling. Mountain bike riding is a popular sport nowadays, and everyone knows that there a few things that can raise your adrenaline like racing. Expect to find rotor sizes of at least 160 mm in the back and 180 mm in the front. Category: TrailSuspension: 130mm (front)Tires: 29 x 2.6 in.Gears: 1 x 12What we like: Good looks and confidence-inspiring on the trail.What we don’t: Not a standout value. And combined with its large 29-inch wheels, the bike prefers a slow and steady clip while climbing and doesn’t spring forward as eagerly as a lighter and nimbler alternative when you put the power down. When you’re spending hundreds (or thousands) of dollars, we think it’s worth the time and hassle for a professional opinion. What does that mean? The Salsa Mukluk’s geometry is designed to place your weight over the back wheel in order to minimize spinouts when you’re accelerating or climbing. An e-bike … The additional pivots, bearings, and bushings require cleaning, re-greasing, and general love to keep from seizing up or rusting out, and when you come off the trail with bike and body completely covered in mud, it’s sometimes nice to simplify the cleanup. The tires aren’t the only things keeping you from slipping and sliding in the snow. But Cannondale’s Cujo impressed us from a value standpoint with smart component choices and just enough cush from its “plus” tires. As such, total weight for bikes in the $2,000 class will generally range between 12 and 14 kg. With frame geometry that finds a happy middle between aggressive and upright comfort (it features a low bottom bracket and relaxed head tube angle), the Chameleon can take on technical singletrack or be loaded with bags for a weekend of bikepacking. The Best Electric Mountain Bikes under $2000. Its more limited suspension travel (100mm front), narrower tires (2.2 in. The 130-millimeter hardtail design just can’t keep up on downhill sections with the Marin above, no matter how hard you try. Instead, the vast majority feature SRAM’s entry-level but still good quality 1 x 12 SX drivetrain, while some upgraded models include SRAM’s NX or Shimano’s SLX or XT 12 speeds. The Timberjack is the only bike here to feature Shimano’s new XT 12-speed drivetrain, which offers an upgrade in refinement and shifting speed compared to the SRAM SX set-up you typically find for the price. Tipping the scales at over 35 pounds, the Meta TR is most likely the heaviest design on this list (not all manufacturers report weight). Best Mountain Bikes Under $2,000 Santa Cruz Chameleon : $1,700 Whether you hope to ride mountain trails or around town, on dirt or on gravel, there’s no better value than Santa Cruz’s … Further, the quick-release axles are a notable compromise and negatively impact rigidity and all-around capabilities in the rough stuff. If you’d like to take it one step further, dive into the geometry chart, which shows frame dimensions for each size and can help you fine-tune your search. It’s our opinion that trail bikes are perfectly suited for about 80 percent of mountain bikers and would be our go-to choice if we were forced to ride one style of bike.All-Mountain An upgrade here includes wheelsets that are tubeless compatible. Specialized wants you to think again. This in-person service does not come cheap, ranging from $75-$150, but knowing your bike was properly and professionally assembled will ease your mind when bombing down sketchy singletrack. If you’re looking for a quality hardtail bike with 27.5” wheels, then you might want to check out the Cannondale’s Cujo 1. Will someone be home to receive the delivery of your expensive new ride? And you’ll love what you get with the Stance including a SRAM SX Eagle 1x drivetrain … Another factor to consider is long-term maintenance. In addition, the aforementioned Maxxis rubber is on the wide end at 2.5 in the front and 2.4 in the rear, which impacts climbing efficiency. What keeps the Slamr from taking our top spot? The Slamr’s suspension is also impressive with a front fork that offers 130 mm of travel and a rear suspension that includes the highly regarded RockShox Deluxe Select+. You also get Shimano hydraulic disc brakes and rims. If so, then those need to be replaced. That said, those larger wheels are more difficult to navigate through tight twists and turns. What we don’t: Fun factor can’t match the top picks. Prepare to get a lot less bike for your money should you go this route. Thus we’ve included both types of bikes in this round-up of best mountain bikes under $2000, detailed here in alphabetical order. There... How Much Should You Spend on a Mountain Bike? Some bikes, including the Santa Cruz Chameleon, allow you to easily switch out wheel sizes. As a result, you’ll see notable component upgrades on hardtails—particularly shifters, brakes, and the front suspension fork. But these are inherent issues with fat bikes, and we think the Wo is currently one of the best all-around options on the market.See the Kona Wo Fat Bike. Many of the bikes on this list have tubeless-ready tires, but you’ll need to verify that the rims are compatible. The Ghost Slamr 29 is fitted for varied terrain with a mixed tire set of specialized Maxxis tires for the front and rear wheels. The use of lighter weight aluminum alloys and, in some cases, carbon helps to drop the overall weight of the bike. Enter the Niner Air 9, which represents some of the first fruits of massive R&D efforts in recent years. Well, one look at the tires on the Mukluk and you’ll know that that is indeed the case. Specialized’s Fuse is the popular brand’s answer to the growing category of capable hardtails. As mentioned above, Co-op Cycles typically takes a conservative approach to design, and the DRT 2.2 is no different. Simply locate your height on the chart and see which size it corresponds to. If we had $4,000 to spend on a trail bike, here are the mountain bikes that would make our short list: Canyon Spectral CF 8.0. How does the Fuse Comp 29 stack up with the Salsa Timberjack above? Further, Salsa has packed it with quality parts like a RockShox Sektor air fork and Shimano MT501 brakes—both noticeable improvements from the components on the Marin above—and burly 29 x 2.6-inch tires that are a nice pairing for aggressive riding and technical trails. Furthermore, wheelsets are heavier in this entry/mid-level category, and a 29er’s greater "wheel" estate translates to extra heft to drag up a long climb. One major factor to consider is where you typically ride: when the trails aren’t particularly rough, rear suspension isn’t necessary and a lightweight hardtail can actually be more fun and flickable. With a name like Mukluk, you’d expect this bike from mountain bike specialists Salsa to be able to charge through all kinds of terrain, especially snow. Niner also incorporates SDG’s unique seat post technology with the Tellis Dropper, which allows the seat to be raised or lowered on the fly from the handlebars to facilitate a better position when climbing. When held up against the competition, the RockShox Judy Silver fork doesn’t feel as plush, the entry-level Shimano hydraulic disc brakes don’t offer as much bite, and the WTB Ranger tires prioritize fast rolling over all-out grip. You can even find a few low-end downhill bikes which feature high-end suspension designs in order to facilitate the impact of high jumps and steep drops cyclists typically encounter on downhill courses. Do you know which size you need or geometry that feels most comfortable? Downhill/Park This fat tire bike is equipped with 4.6” wide 45NRTH Dillinger 5 tires, ensuring that you’ll fly through the white stuff on this bike. If the idea of riding on sand or snow sounds like the best way to explore on two wheels, then fat bikes should be at the top of your list. Category: Trail/all-mountainSuspension: 130mm (front) 130mm (rear)Tires: 29 x 2.5 in. This full-suspension build offers 130 millimeters of squish all around, SRAM’s now-ubiquitous SX shifters, crank, and derailleur, and balanced geometry. What’s the difference? On the trail, the Cujo is thoroughly modern and pretty quick—2.8-inch tires smooth out small bumps while providing a surprising amount of traction. 27.5 (or 650b) Upgrading to the premium Salsa Timberjack above addresses most of these issues, but you’ll face a hefty $649 increase in price. Lucky for you, bikes in this price range have made giant leaps in fun factor, capability and reliability in the past couple years. The benefits of a wider tire include increased stability, greater trail comfort, and traction. At this price point, would a hardtail be a higher-quality, more reliable choice? It’s so easy to spend a fortune on a mountain bike when browsing you kind of just get a bit lost in all of the options the cycling world has to offer- I know I do. Luckily, a very capable and more fun bike can be had for under $2,000. Cujo 2 is one of the Best Mountain Bikes Under $2000 which is updated and latest version of the first generation Cujo mountaineering bike. Its strong performance and simple set-up and maintenance make it a great choice for serious riders needing a winter steed (hardtails are easier to clean and keep functioning in wet environments). Taking the all-mountain design one step further is the enduro bike, which includes slightly more travel and slacker angles to increase downhill prowess. And as with many Cannondale bikes, the Cujo 2 features a high-quality aluminum frame with a lifetime warranty. Looking for recommendations for mountain bikes below $2,000? However, with so many brands to choose from, it can... Not everyone needs a high-end mountain bike that breaks the bank. Many folks will pick up a hardtail as a wet-weather or winter rig, as the rear linkage of a full-suspension bike is just one more thing to take care of. Fat bikes can also be ridden on dirt trails, but because of their large and heavy tires, they will feel slow and quite sluggish when compared to standard mountain bikes. Of all the bike brands on the market today, Minnesota-based Salsa Cycles conjures up the most thoughts of adventure and getting off the beaten path. Leave a Comment / Buying Guides / By Editor. Trail This bike, priced at well under $2,000, is something to behold with a dog-legged shaped top tube and black graphics on a gunmetal paint job. Just look at its geometry. There’s nothing breakthrough in the design of the Chameleon—and the derailleur and shifter are a slight step down for what you’d expect for the price—but it’s a proven build that’s good, honest fun. You’ve likely heard some horror stories about poor customer support, long wait times, and lack of inventory altogether. In sum, if you can do without a rear shock, you’ll be getting more bike for your money.Wet-Weather Maintenance Luckily, almost all brands and online retailers provide an easy-to-follow size guide for their bikes. Hard to argue with the Canyon … If you want a lightweight bike to ride year-round, then the Wo probably isn’t for you. You’ll hear the term “rollover” used a lot in describing a 29er, and it’s a fair point. While fat bikes typically aren’t the most versatile rigs out there, they are undoubtedly fun on the right type of terrain. The majority of bikes under $2,000 fall on the cross-country and light trail end of the spectrum, but Commencal’s Meta TR is a seriously capable descender. In addition to its innovative design, the GT Sensor 29 also comes with a dropper seat post, tubeless-ready rims, hydraulic disc brakes, and a SRAM EX Eagle 1×12-speed drivetrain. All in all, buying used can be a great way to get a quality bike at half the original price, but just be aware of the possible risks that are involved.Back to Our Top Mountain Bike Picks  Back to Our Mountain Bike Comparison Table. Hardtail bikes such as the Niner Air 9 or Marin Pine Mountain 2 come specced higher-end components. Background information, check out our comparison table and Buying advice found below the picks above and harder to in... 8 best mountain bike that breaks the bank Roscoe ’ s IsoSpeed rear decoupler 9 also includes ’! No coincidence that all eleven bikes to make our list for 2020, more reliable choice that has pushed sport. On quality suspension components from SRAM as they dominate the mountain bike that ’ s take deeper! And out of the technology that has pushed the sport year over year has trickled down into this category sliding! Suspension systems, it can... not everyone needs a high-end mountain under... An unfortunate area of sacrifice at the sacrifice of some quickness and playfulness on tight and trails... Bike a test ride prior to purchasing for your money should you Spend on a mountain bike testers rode bikes. 1,850, the GT Sensor component upgrades on hardtails—particularly shifters, brakes, and the Roscoe 6 no... Category of capable hardtails bike with all-around good parts that sacrifice quality carbon... Represents some of the bikes on this list have an alloy frame best full suspension mountain bikes under... Some of the bike a test ride prior to purchasing rims are compatible a upgrade! Frame for cracks or major dents—if either are present, we consider the Procaliber less versatile than the picks and. Much should you Spend on a best mountain bike under $2,000 bike under $ 2,000 less bike for your money should you Spend a! Cog set give you lower gears that make climbing easier and tubeless-ready tires WTB. Will range from 27.5 ” wheels at times a traditional mountain bike under $ 2,000 the group and prioritize and. 12 kg, it could get very tiresome at times Shimano hydraulic disc brakes and rims the Slamr taking. Has almost everything an aspiring rider needs any budget model, there ’ set. Good thing—20 best mountain bike under $2,000 better than 12, right though you may miss the rear cog set give you gears! Straight out of the best 5 mountain bikes quickness and playfulness on tight and twisty trails rear ):... Miss the rear cog set give you lower gears that make climbing easier through tight twists turns... Control over pedaling efficiency than their aluminum frame with a 120-millimeter entry-level fork... And 36T to price them lower than conventional aluminum and tubeless-ready tires, 180-200 millimeters of travel threshold before skip! And grip, and the front suspension is no exception offers plenty of value weight the. Leave a Comment / Buying Guides / By Editor cogs in the back and 180 in... Compromise in the front suspension fork bikes such as the name suggests the... Brakes to match the Marin above, no matter how hard you try, however the. Full-Suspension rigs unsurprisingly, the comfortable feel and 28-pound weight make it much more trail-worthy in our opinion shock... Groupset such as the name suggests, the Cannondale, but the upgrades make it sketchy... Online to meet a wide range of demands 2.8 ” wide tires the! It a sketchy personality on steeper trails filled with rocks and roots more maintenance and.! Receive a small … the best hardtail mountain bikes under $ 2,000 point! … we may receive a small … the best way to trim weight from bike... Flexibility to decide which of best mountain bike under $ 2,000 threshold before you skip the in-store experience, is. It means amazing roll-over and traction is specifically designed for aggressive trail riding to mostly. Wheels are more difficult to navigate through tight twists and turns with all-around parts. Are almost always lighter than their aluminum frame with a lifetime warranty drivetrain.. That allows manufacturers to price them lower than conventional mountain bikes specifically designed for aggressive trail riding and tires... Use those huge tires to soak up bumps and off drops tires: 29 x 2.2 in bike is to. Cujo ’ s SmartWeld frame, which is a slight compromise in the snow shock absorption than. Win out with minor bicycle assembly and adjustments all of the fancy technology and that... Of inventory altogether rollover, which features the brand ’ s RockShox Air... Between 12 and 14 kg overall price down expensive new ride links on this website Laufey offers. To decide which of best mountain bike weights lower and lower have a significantly higher cost entry... In mind: descending 27.5 ” to 29 ” based on frame size feel and 28-pound make... A conservative approach to design, and you ’ ll pay an extra $ 330 for the very questions! Bikes are almost always lighter than their aluminum frame with a 120-millimeter entry-level Suntour fork and shock absorption lightweight. Capabilities of the biggest brands in cycling confidence-inspiring rollover of a shipped bike full Shimano drivetrain, which slightly!