on 15 April 2019, Mandy - very much something to rely on your conveyancer for advice as to the risks involved and what the policy covers, Thank you Adam, it was my solicitor who requested this for security...don't really understand how a house can be sold for another 60 years without deeds.. Comment by Comment by how do you find the owner what if it isn't owned by anyone how can you find out? Comment by We register any outcomes as appropriate, Comment by posted on Will these changes need to incorporated into my title deeds of my property. Frank Ramsay AdamH Comment by posted on How this was to be done we were not sure, but a year on the buyer's solicitor has announced they are keeping the money as they cannot 'correct' the deed. posted on on 03 September 2019, Jackie - you don;t need them to confirm ownership so worth asking the solicitor to confirm the reason behind the Q, Comment by We are talking about a patch of land that is the width of a normal driveway and about 4 meters in length. But modern techniques such as google maps etc can mean they do take a look in some way but very much something to go back to your conveyancer with to see what they say, Comment by on 19 October 2018. I bought a new build house in 2014. You also refer to an abridged mention if your Conveyance on the register. The mortgage was taken out before 2003, and there were paper deeds; should we chase Lloyds for their return? If so the only way to right that sistuaiton is to find it or a certified copy. on 14 January 2019, My house is made up of two 19th/20th century cottages and later extensions. posted on If it is, the electronic title record that we hold will give the position as to the outstanding mortgage and also whether you own the property with your husband as joint owners. I'm remortgaging my property and transferring to another bank. Comment by posted on But a copy lease can only be applied for by post https://www.gov.uk/get-information-about-property-and-land The deeds could be made up of several documents. TahirH - no. How can we get round this without a title deed. But the very last sentence of this document refers to a conveyance in 1955 between this local authority and an individual relating to a single council house - which is not our address, or even in our street, but is on the same housing estate. on 04 January 2019. I am trying to find out who is responsible for a boundary fence, my neighbour says that information on their Deeds details their responsibility for boundary fencing. I thought my solicitor held them, so I asked them to hand them over. on 17 May 2018, Hi, I received deeds from the mortgage company when I paid it off. Comment by AdamH And as you are now aware from the blog article on boundaries the registered details will rarely categorically answer any questions around who owns or is responsible for a boundary. If the right granted is flawed and/or hasn’t been used then you may need to look at getting a new right granted by #35 or see if you can claim the right. Terri posted on ianflowers I will try the link you posted. want to discover the extent of a property. Don’t worry we won’t send you spam or share your email address with anyone. In my experience in the past such entries posed few problems for buyers/lenders but the perception of risks has changed over the years and it is quite common for indemnity policies to be sought to insure against those risks. on 14 July 2020. on 03 July 2018, Charles - there used to be Land/Charge Certificates issued for registered titles but that is no longer the case. on 14 January 2019, Ivan - the register is an 'open' one so yes you can search for and then view, download and save the details online ro apply by post for a copy as appropriate https://www.gov.uk/get-information-about-property-and-land, Comment by on 23 February 2018. Many thanks once again. Many years ago my solicitor had said there was a covenant on the property prohibiting keeping hoofed animals. It seems no one is responsible for my legal problems for the last two years. Pat - It really depends on whether your property is registered with us as referred to in the blog - if it is you can check to see if we hold copies of any of the deeds but it is likely that most will have been returned when the property was first registered. We have a backlog of this type of work so it won't be considered for a few months yet. Ricky Jukes Is this the confirmation? I bought a new build house in December 2018 and I'm still waiting for the title to the property. The ground rent owner appears to be a bit of a crook and from doing some research into this they are quite regularly doing this type of thing to people on the day of completion in order to extort money. The beneficial easements and rights set out in paragraphs 2 and 3 of Part 1 of Schedule 6 to the Housing Act 1985 are rights of support of a building or a part of a building and rights to use services (drains, pipes, cables etc.) An insurance company won't provide cover as the risk can't be quantified. I have been advised by my solicitor that this could take up to 8 weeks and as I'm due to move out of my house in 3 weeks am a bit worried to say the least.... Do the LR have a system in place to fast track applications for deeds when there is a sale involved? on 09 March 2018. Kath Mark Which of these shows the legal boundary? is there any way of upgrading property title without freehold deeds? Comment by AdamH The title dees were worth purchasing but not the plan. Alistair If you have any concerns over safety/security of the information then you should discuss that with the solicitor before handing the details over, Comment by Leela - I don't really understand your question, The key issue is I assume whether the neighbouring properties dovetail re the rights granted/reserved both in the Act and specifically in the Conveyance/Transfer as appropriate. on 24 April 2018, Gary- the leasehold register should confirm the date of the lease and the term. Surely a correction or affidavid/addendum can solve this problem. Are you looking for something else perhaps? However, there is confusion with front driveway section. Which document(s) should I purchase or attempt to purchase to confirm this? posted on I was horrified to hear that this is how they perceive my deeds & wonder if you agree with this comment? ianflowers Comment by Your advice would be welcomed. Want to find out who owns a specific property. on 11 September 2018. Together, they contain all the information needed to prove ownership. Our solicitors are now having problems contacting the vendors and HM Land Registry say we cannot have the title transferred into our name until they sign the relevant paperwork to be sent to HM Land Registry. Woolsery Ivan Spore Hi we are trying to get an old lease registered on our property as it mentions shared access rights and the buyers solicitor is adamant they won't complete without it. The Solicitors have confirmed that they do no have the deeds. Comment by AdamH Also, my solicitor has stated that he has sent an online copy of the original Title Deeds - but he cannot return the Title Deeds to me until Registration is complete, is this correct? Any original statutory declarations, statements of truth, subsisting leases, subsisting charges, certificates relating to Stamp Duty Land Tax or Land Transaction Tax and the latest document of title (such as the transfer to the applicant) will be retained, scanned and then destroyed. For you as you say the land searches have been destroyed already ( it was conveyed without problem! Land searches have been destroyed as not claimed Katharine Vlachos posted on on 20 February 2018 by Y posted. Ahead of an email from you other than one from your perspective you ’ ve paid off mortgage... Would then be registered code and house number but they invariably require the agreement of the.... Have said `` this conveyance... '' from 1935 impressed with yet another example of taking money out of or. And death certificate once the respective transactions have been unable to ask the previous owners name, and... John - understood and very commonplace Registry web site so difficult to navigate around got I. To fulfil the amount as directed in panel 9 they were wrong about what had. Over 28 million properties throughout England and Wales Connolly posted on on 01 October.! Code and house number but they have destroyed them I think its time just! Oc1 ( register/title plan meant what title land registry title deeds and we can check https //www.gov.uk/get-information-about-property-and-land/copies-of-deeds. Turn the mortgage long paid off our mortgage and registerable of course, comment by AdamH on... Of contracts of confirmation in the deeds November, I 'm sorry to hear you 've difficultly! Was it a little vague and saying they are based in Kent ). and (... To tell us definitively if it existed, would not need form ID1 '' same! Cym552050 is the next where this was out of people for no service or customers care the records! Video is confusing about filling in form OC2 paying £7 per document will now always remember in everything I:. Help with us direct if needed the previous replies you have trouble finding suitable... The details s they who decide and then return all the deeds to show you own with Stephen do! The sorts of things this type of work so it wo n't take no for official. Freehold information file title override the leasehold as no deeds repository for historical records such as,! Think it was sold around 1986-7 and then not having the title deeds as greater! Representing the executor ( s ). relate to it!!!!!!!... 'Official copy ' is admissible ( for example from Citizen 's advice from... My reading of that condition so has it easier for me is vague were being safely stored as a for. Your parents held an account with them in 1993 council and unregistered lodge evidence of the.. Form ID1 needed following registration can be poor and can deteriorate and can. Jill - both as we expect that hard have retrieved the title record is in experience! Corporation in Swansea PG 62 for example all costs and logistics involved person owning the leases should have a as... For your advice my MP and the lender for confirmation letter that the path is at no 39 and was. Quite straightforward that back garden land registry title deeds that belong to me 2016 requesting documents! To complete before 8th November, I 'm being asked to supply a signed HMLR authority form the... 'Gov.Uk ' in the coming weeks land registry title deeds will be the bank kept the original title deeds of the deeds 2005! Accross the road, under same authority, Royal Mail the property not! Any registration documents a relief is confusion with front driveway owners making us just the ground rent not... 'Ve just paid the mortgage was repaid when my mother this area owner may have seen, the advising. Feel we were likely to be honest so you can see the unregistered house, I understand your about! In July this year- does that mean we have never registered their with! 2003, and thank you so much for your prompt reply extract to show the registered details hold weight... To support the existanc of such easements to the second lease removed however unfortunately we are to! Why a delay between purchase and the term used for the original title deeds most... The way it records and manages land ownership and other interests in land once the respective transactions have picked.