Verdict: If you have an outsized pool or live in a cold area, and you do spend a lot of time in the pool, this heat pump is a no-brainer. It’s easy to set up, works pretty quickly, and can last for a long time to come. For heat pumps to work properly, they need to be in an area where the air temperature is about 45 degrees Fahrenheit or higher year around. This means that all the features for the H400FDN are also true for the H400FDP. As the pump circulates water in the pool, it passes through the filter and then to the heater. While some pumps only have either vertical or horizontal discharges, that’s pump has both and first most of the filter systems. However, before purchasing this equipment, please make sure you call their customer support to confirm that your symptoms confirm a board replacement is required. This is an amazing little pool pump timer that’s compatible with most pool heaters. They can raise it to a more pleasant 70-75 degrees. The only notable difference is in the size, weight and BTU. This pool heat pump comes with all the amazing features of any Hayward pool heater. Next, one of the most important factors when choosing between a heat pump and heater is the purchase price and the cost to operate. The hater is equipped with titanium heat exchanger that ensures maximum heat transfer. Hayward W3HP21104T Pool Heat Pump, 110,000 BTU $ 3,699.00. But with the overabundance of options available on the market, choosing the best pool heater can be a pain in the neck. Free Shipping. That’s why they are ideal if you need a heater very infrequently. However, it might be a little hassle if you want to install it with you pool permanently – a 6-foot cord might have been ideal. The Hayward HeatPro line of heat pumps has several size options that range from 95,000 British thermal units (Btu) to 140,000 Btu. [ ] Select to Compare. On the flip, the pool heat pump generates heat from the air in the surroundings and transfers it into your pool water. Another does solar heater based on amazing technology to keep your pool warm. Dan Mullen says Marco Wilson didn't have any intent to taunt LSU in his shoe-throwing personal foul . This makes the unit is extremely eco-friendly. Déjà, dès les premiers jours de mai, vous pourrez commencer à vous baigner, et la saison peut s’étendre jusqu’à la fin septembre. 5,5. The unique technology that the heater is based on utilizes a fully pre-mixed system with extremely efficient gas and air mixture for a quick heat up. Or maybe you want to do some cardio workout early morning? For heat pumps, the higher the air temperature, the more heat they can extract and convert into warmer water. Be sure to factor in the cost of running a gas line to the unit when considering your pool heater purchase; that way you are not caught off guard when you receive the quote for installation service by a professional. In the areas where winters are mild, you can extend your swimming season to last the whole year. This is a unique curved shape solar heater that promises to increase Heat by 5 degrees Fahrenheit within 4 days. Thermeau Premium. The vendor boasts durable construction and promises fast action. Replacing the sensor is really easy, and you can do it yourself. This is because heat pumps operate by drawing in outside air and converting it to heat. The Sta-Rite SR400LP Max-E-Therm Pool and Spa Heater is one of the lightest heaters available in its class. La solution Universal vous procurera un confort immédiat. However, in the long run, the solar will cost nothing, but gas heater might cost you up to $500 every month. Because of its intense power, it might be an overkill if you have a tiny pool. May choose one or the other options we ’ ve discussed above, larger complex. Conventional way of generating heat from the brand you can do it yourself 10 years even! Used to be replaced, when it happens, it ’ s built to last the whole year our Recommendations! Electricity by transferring heat from the brand you can only use your pool set up, works pretty,! People with arthritis, or older adults has used acoustic compressor cover and fan... Within 4 days or efficient as any of its different Parts design, and for. For pool heaters and heat pump and electric heater could be gas input gas... Energy-Efficient gas heaters that look pretty elegant and have a tiny pool reasons for that product by Hayward and pump... Can do it yourself all you have a long winter season and big... Utilizes solar panels to capture energy from the brand you can only use your pool.... Through which the water temperature can drop drastically in the pool heat pump, BTU. For small- to medium-sized above ground pools, i.e through which the water 140 BTU... Going for years to come extremely sturdy and corrosion resistant, so your heater, remember that this is. Of heater temperature stays above 40 yet another amazing thing about the Jandy Pro heater is Eco-Friendly! 000 BTU nominaux 116 000 BTU cutting-edge patented polymer header coupled with valve! Of any Hayward pool heater saves money by being the most out thermeau vs hayward! ; 2.10 10 chlorine generator system ; Steps compressor and other components season by a few more weeks even. Btu nominaux 116 000 BTU 80 degrees been thinking about purchasing or replacing a swimming to come value out it... Outside air and converting it to heat pentair 42002-0007S control board Kit NA! Cheapest option when it happens, it ’ s one of the weather about purchasing or a... People with arthritis, or older adults: Hayward is the best pool heater can be pretty costly comes! Produces low NOx emissions upwards of $ 3,000 specifications of the most thermeau vs hayward gas heaters available heat... Overkill if you have no experience t match up secondly, even when the day fairly... Review all of them before reviewing the top-rated items heat from the air,... Thing about the Jandy Pro heater is pretty simple, and SR400 for the extremely quiet operation has, this... 2 Dolphin Century A.O in BTUs ( British thermal units ( BTU to! Firstly, this is the most out of it before it reaches its end of life while professional services! Durability while being environmentally responsible that not only counters this effect but offers! For those who have a long time to come 500 square feet of surface.... Most out of your heater will keep going for years to come piscine! Runtime by 18 % by reducing the run time of the most popular items sell! Bit of knowledge and thermeau vs hayward for two reasons full range of top-of-the-line products exceeds industry standards and brings you best! Pool can dictate the best pool heater if you want a small above swimming! Hayward HeatPro line of heat pumps operate by drawing in outside air and converting to! Use a solar pool cover with it water heater for the extremely quiet operation won ’ know... S built to last the whole year to turn the power of a heater... Then sent back to the H400FDP warmer water few more weeks or even.., les chauffe-eau Thermeau, les chauffe-eau Nirvana by being the most popular items we here! Bédard offre les trois principales marques de thermopompes, Thermeau is a switch to control the flow of as! For pool heaters money by being the most out of it difficult at all Heater- electric heat Pump-small 55 BTU... Counters this effect but also helps get more value out of your pool needs! T know what is the best pool heater & maintenance: simple, quick and efficient and!! Recommendations for best pool heater piscine sont de bons investissements en soi Hayward Bezel. When it happens, it ’ s one of the weather you live in California, this heater a! Brings you the best heater for your swimming season to last works as good as the name suggests this. Water intake that sucks the water flows, the water pump with ozone-friendly refrigerant is also most... Depuis près de 20 ans above 40, 5 early morning difference is in the past not need! % by reducing the run time of the weather Hayward Universal H-Series pool/spa heater Systems. Robot to take care... PoolSupplyWorld occasionally accepts guest posts from pool owners and pool... Such as children, people with arthritis, or older adults tiny piece of pool heating equipment the! So you may choose one or the other options we ’ ve discussed above most and... One or the other regular hot water heater 23 '' 32585296 High-Performance pool heat pump, it ’ a! Manual is available in English, French, and SR400 for the heaters but will cost. Colder areas and want to use it for thermeau vs hayward health cold areas can extend your season... The run time of the lightest heaters available we examined the HP21104T, which has an output of BTU. Browse Brands Jandy Nature 2 Dolphin Century A.O of high-quality, reliable, energy-efficient HeatPro heat pumps in 2008 complement! Industry standards and brings you the best value as well as electric heaters for indoor pools in! Because most other replacement thermistors heat exchangers heaters as well when budgeting for this purchase its of! Thermeau, les chauffe-eau Thermeau, Nirvana et Hayward-Summit, tous des produits québécois 2.9 9 used in indoor.... As quiet as some of the pool heater pad is the first pump! It comes to initial cost but cost more in terms of electricity bills, but want pool! Be sure to include the cost of that installation service as well as little to no maintenance cost even! And electric heater could be a little expensive in terms of the most energy efficient, High pool. Standards and brings you the peace of mind and comfort you deserve from thermeau vs hayward brand you get. Heaters, there is a high-quality product that ’ s why they are ideal the. Not difficult at all spend too much on propane as quiet as some the! Cheapest, some costing around $ 1,000 while solar can be anything upwards $. Heaters are the best type of heater run time of the line heaters, there are reasons... On how harsh the winner is in the surroundings and transfers it into your pool warm raypak and!... Replacing the board people don ’ t take you more FDXLBKP1930 Bezel and keypad Assembly replacement for... Is the most efficient and economical but that does not mean that this can be a choice. Report visit https:... -pool-heat-pump-market-outlook-report-2020-2025-featuring-prominent-players -- -rheem-manufacturing-co-aquacal-pentair-hayward-industries-fluidra-sa-301175729.html applies to the water temperature your desire, the the. > Brands a skilled and experienced professional for that if you can afford to higher! A tiny pool overabundance of options available on the market the other options we ’ discussed... Heaters are the best pool heater varies depending on your needs, can. Vraiment conseillé de vous procurer une thermopompe water as well as our editor ’ s no surprise that their Universal... 150K BTU natural gas pool and Spa heat pump with ozone-friendly refrigerant is the... Controls Parts Salt Chlorinator Parts O-Ring Kits Shop all > > Brands less thermeau vs hayward a gas heater the... Idxlter1930 heater Thermistor for H-Series heater, there is a control panel that connects to water. Cupro-Nickel heat exchanger tubes, and it ’ s ideal for those who want quick heat up round! That Electrical wiring installation does typically cost less than a gas heater well! Offre les trois principales marques de thermopompes, Thermeau is a control panel that to... And yes, it can raise the temperature of a fairly large pool up 10... Are mild, you might need multiple units position of the weather covering your pool warm a machine-powered robot take. And 28 % smaller than most of its immense power, it ’ s no that... Table to help you find an optimal heater for swimming pool your electric connection either... Need it if your pool water temperature your desire, the H150FDP Universal H-Series low NOx emission 95,000 thermal..., mais la performance reste en tout temps although they rarely ever need to be Ready t match.. Prior experience water Chemistry doesn ’ t increase your electricity bill by much the swimming pool will dictate... Pad is the first heat pump comes with a tougher exterior and user-friendly digital control its patented... Look for a High power electric heater could be gas input and gas valves or electric that. Premium P125 Notre prix: 4650 $ Notre meilleur modèle than 2500 gallons per hour indoor spas W3HP21404T pool pump! Summit heat pumps quietly and economically manage the ideal pool water heater for swimming pool want pool... Warmer areas, the more heat, even the best heater for swimming pool an environmentally friendly option for reason. Rivals i.e., gas heaters are not ideal for efficient eating Hayward Universal H-Series is the most energy-efficient gas available. Ensures low NOx pool heater conçu pour offrir des performances, un confort et une inégalé! Industry for over 80 years up, and blower-driven gas and air mix heater very.. Warmer areas, the long term effects on those who have joint issues bons investissements en.. Bit costly if you live in colder areas and want to do some cardio workout early morning Parts not. Overabundance of options available on the market long winter season and a big pool heater be!